Monday, March 17, 2014

St Patrick (Ireland) and St. Ansgar (Denmark) -Thank You Both for Your Mission Work

 On this St Patrick's Day I am thankful to the great missionary for bringing the message of CHRIST to the Irish- (I am 1/4 Irish )

and - to another missionary  St. Ansgar - who brought the saving message of CHRIST to Denmark (I am 1/2 Dane) - celebrate St Ansgar's Day Feb 3-

I am Calling For a Boycott of These  Three Breweries-
Sam Adams-Guiness-Heiniken!!-
I am OFFENDED That  The Gays Are Offended- RE: St. Patrick's Day Parade--


William Stout said...

And don't forget Holger Danske ;-)

christian soldier said...

W-thank you for the reminder (-!
I'll be over to your site --soon

Kid said...

Carol-CS Hey There

christian soldier said...

K-AHhhhhh- too cute-thank you Kid-

WomanHonorThyself said...

thank u Carol are a true patriot. enjoy your weekend my friend!!:)