Thursday, March 27, 2014

JOE MILLER-Alaska-SUPPORT Him--the Elite RINOs Will Come After Him Again

I support Constitutional Candidates nation-wide-Why ??--Because - when they get into office they not only represent their state - they represent Constitutional principles and ME (-"

Joe Miller was betrayed by the elitist  Rss  --the RNC- NRSC (National Republican Senatorial Committee)-in 2010- He was beating little Lisa Murkowski (sp) who is a total lib RINO--the NRSC went up to Alaska and started a "write in" for little Lisa--guess what - little Lisa miraculously won! GRRRRRRRRR

The same thing happened here in California- Congressman Danneymeyer was winning the primary for a Senate seat-- the NRSC and RNC elites  did not want him so - they GAVE us in CA - Micheal HUFFINGTON (Yes- Adrianna's former husband-you know the lib Adrianna who started the Huffington Post)--
GUESS what- you all have DIanne Feinstein -CA Senator - because of the traitorous actions of the elitist- Rove --type Republicans-- 

AGAIN- JOE MILLER- West Point  Grad- Man of Honor!! Pro Life- Defender of the the US Founding Principles--

More on the tyranny of our govt against honorable candidates:

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WomanHonorThyself said...

they need all the support they can get eh! have an awesome weekend my friend!! xoxox :)