Sunday, December 9, 2012

The RINO Rs must go-Thank you Joe!

Remember-Joe Miller was betrayed by the R party - during the Senatorial 'battle' in Alaska-the NRSC sent 'helpers' for Murkowski-(turn-coat-Left leaning ) and set up a 'write in ' campaign' even though Joe  was winning..
Now he is truth telling via his site and videos. (link)


Kid said...

Yea, I heard that fewer people came out to vote for romney/against obama than did for john mclame.

I found that stunning. Truly, that people would simply accept oblammycare and a liberal SC without a fight. Stunning.

christian soldier said...

Some may have given up on the R party-
Romney - in my opinion- did not 'hit' strongly enough!

Trekkie4Ever said...

Carol, no, Romney played too much of a "nice guy" he should have been jabbing back just as hard as Biden and Obama, but he didn't.