Thursday, December 27, 2012

islam says if you submitt-you are a slave & Gun Control Makes Us in the US Slaves-Two points-
GREAT TAKE- a must read for all FREEDOM lovers.
Have we in the US become 'submitters'???
Remember- the first war of the new US Republic was against the Barbary Pirates (ISLAM)
 Did the Founders make a mistake by writing the Second Amendment-you know- the Amendment that protects all the other Amendments!?!
This Video about tells it all- if certain language 'offends' you- do not watch...


Kid said...

Exactly, It's embarrassing to be known as an American these days.

christian soldier said...

K-the first war that the new US Republic engaged in was against the Barbary Pirates (islam)--We must turn this around - don't you agree!?