Friday, December 21, 2012

Jon Hammer - MARINE-Un-justly Imprisoned in Mexico-to be RELEASED-- YEEEHAAA

Sat up date-'Our' Marine is now in a car with his Father on U S soil!

I must thank FOX for this-outcome- and the tenacity of his Mother and Father!!

The bho regime  and the MSM did not care about this Veteran -- who served his country -They were going to let him rot down there-

The words BOYCOTT Mexico worked- the loss of $$$$$$$ means something --YEEEHA
thanks Gateway Pundit for keeping track of this story-Drudge does not even have it!


Pastorius said...

This is great news! :)

Kid said...

That's Great news Carol. Thank you.

TS/WS said...

Yes, kicking and screaming, but they had to if they want to keep some of the uninformed (about the tax stuff) on their side.

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Trekkie4Ever said...

*Happy Dance* Praise God!