Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Lib Dem Congresswoman Tells Cavuto to SHUT UP!!

RUDE woman!! To be expected though-she's an 'entitlement' Dem--
Just wish that Cavuto had not apologized for it--
She was in the wrong- using Alinsky 'speak'--the RULES for Radicals! (link)


Adrienne said...

Typical woman with long ugly fake nails flapping her hands around. How old is that woman? She sounds like she's over a hundred.

Bunkerville said...

Another low information gal.

Kid said...

If he apologized, I'm not even interested in watching.
The libs are like the british supporters at the birth of our country and should not only be shunned but opposed on all levels.

Screw this apologizing crap. Let's get it on.

christian soldier said...

A & B--the lib women even look depraved - don't they!

Kid- you can view the vid- he semi apologized on another take- not this one!!