Saturday, December 22, 2012

Major Dan - Folds of Honor-Synchronicity

Maj. Dan founded Folds of Honor to help the families of our dead &wounded  BEST!
Some do not know what the FOLDS mean- each fold of the flag removed from the caskets of our fallen BEST has a meaning-
This photo -( it went viral BTW )- tells it all-----Christian Golcynski accepting the flag from his fallen father's casket: Folds of Honor :
Christian Golczynski

I introduce to you all-- Maj. Dan Rooney  -His speech at an NRA convention explaining his synchronous  experience that led to FOLDS of HONOR Foundation:


DMartyr said...

Thank you for the Christmas wishes! I wish the same for you and yours!

(BTW, I'm totally stealing this video!)


christian soldier said...

"Steal" away my Patriot friend--

And Merry CHRISTmas again - to you and yours...

TS/WS said...

Merry Christmas

Kid said...

Merry Christmas Carol-CS, Have a great 2013. That's an order.

christian soldier said...

TS and KID- thank you - and an Happy New Year is wished for you both!