Wednesday, December 12, 2012

If I Wanted America To FAIL & No Derogatory Comments About the Taliban-Says New US Military Handbook

Read this and weep-my friends---H/T Crusader Rabbit

This is a comment I wrote on Mustang's site:::-If I Wanted America to Fail
I am sure that you -Mustang- get ‘eye rolls’ – as do I – when we warn our fellow Americans -
This video brought to mind my father’s warnings-(he served 4 years in the Pacific-WWII) – was very ‘close to the vest’ -but-he told us kids that a welfare system-(like – paying women to have childredn out of wedlock) would lead to bankrupt cities (we were from the Detroit area and his market was in in Detroit)–
I can only say – thank you Dad-you were right//

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