Saturday, May 2, 2009

Christian Mothers Must Be Elevated-and a Typical Feminist Bats It Out W/Laura Ingrahm...

Why We Must Elevate Mother-Hood in the Christian Church...MY PERSONAL TAKE:

It is time for the Christian church to elevate the 'view' of stay -at-home MOTHERS... Personal
EX: When I decided to Homeschool my off-spring...(and-I might add-volunteer my time to various groups) I got this at church:
"What do you do?"
" I am homeschooling and taking care of my home.."
Next ??:
"Yes, but- what do you REALLY do-don't you WORK?"
I even got that from a pastor....

Being a child raising Mom was the HARDEST - most fulfilling work I have ever done...
We women must wake up to our 'superior' calling..and it must be valued....

ISLAM' Take Over:Thank you -Always :

the vid below shows the Dark Side ---of the de-elevation of Christian Woman:


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