Thursday, May 14, 2009

Denmark--the Little Country That's BIG.....Inspiration and Encouragment For Those Who Need It Right Now...ME....

Denmark--The little country that sends its troops to fight along side ours---
It looks like she has re-discovered her roots...
Anyone remember the cartoons and Islam 'out-rage!"?.....
Oh that we had government servants who spoke the straight
Danish Prime Minister-- Anders Fogh Rasmussen, now the new Secretary General of NATO --stated this:

Demanding is to show respect

"You can't just pay-out money to young people - You have to say, that if you don't want to work, if you don't want to educate yourself, then you close the wallet. You can't just say, that it doesn't matter, if you contribute or do not contribute - If you have got that attitude, that it doesn't matter, then it is the same as saying, that nobody and nothing matters, and from you we can't expect anything"

If you want inspiration--and to know that we in the US who believe in freedom are not standing alone...READ the rest !!!!:
Thank you Rolf Krake:


Rolf Krake said...

Thank you, god bless you and yes, you are not alone, we can indeed make a difference.
And we will, bit by bit.


Rolf Krake

christian soldier said...

RK-Your site(s) is now on my blog roll..
God Bless You..
May be joining our pastor in Denmark this July...


Z said...

Are there lots of Lutherans in Denmark, CS?

This ROCKS! Where'd this guy COME FROM? I wish every country(especially US) had someone in charge who respects and valuesTHE WEST! Imagine that it takes guts to do that these days?

gee, too bad the radicals are 'concerned'. Here's a real Christian phrase to them; BITE ME!

christian soldier said...

Z-yes-Denmark used to be predominantly Lutheran---
Want to go? My young pastor is doing missionary work there via a Danish Lutheran Missionary group...
Also-I'm working on forming a group to save the UCLA-Chapel...Want to help?