Friday, May 15, 2009

Well!!What DO You Know!!!--PRO-LIFE Americans out number pro- DEATH Americans

All I can say is -Thank God the TRUTH is getting out--Check the Lutherans For Life Site on my blog favorites ....

The article sums it up:

May 15, 2009

More Americans “Pro-Life” Than “Pro-Choice” for First Time

Also, fewer think abortion should be legal “under any circumstances”

by Lydia Saad

PRINCETON, NJ -- A new Gallup Poll, conducted May 7-10, finds 51% of Americans calling themselves "pro-life" on the issue of abortion and 42% "pro-choice." This is the first time a majority of U.S. adults have identified themselves as pro-life since Gallup began asking this question in 1995.


The new results, obtained from Gallup's annual Values and Beliefs survey, represent a significant shift from a year ago, when 50% were pro-choice and 44% pro-life. Prior to now, the highest percentage ...


shoprat said...

I've always been skeptical of the number of pro-choicers as the questions were worded in a dishonest manner. If you were generally pro-life but would allow an abortion to a pregnant 9 year old who had been raped or a woman who would be killed by the pregnancy, they would classify you as pro-choice.

Z said...

Did you know that 6% of young women have gone to the ANTI abortion side in a year? I loved hearing that...actually made me weepy.

Shoprat's right about the question. For example, I'm reckoning that had I been asked "Are you glad America's fighting in IRaq", I'd say "Absolutely NOT" but I DID support that we were there...GLAD we're there, heck no, I'd rather we were all at peace, right!? This probably applies to abortion, too, as shoprat wisely said.

christian soldier said...

SR - Z -You both are stating everything that needs to stated!!!Thanks :-)