Friday, May 22, 2009


holding or taking back Christian owned lands ---

2000+ + + years ago ---Christian converts ( Israelites and et al) OWNED LAND BEFORE they converted to Christianity----those lands were and ARE being systematically taken away ---today by Islamists!
Islam came to 'being' AFTER Christianity!!!!

The Crusades were fought to take back Christian land...PROPERTY

LIFE _ LIBERTY _ PROPERTY were the original words in the Declaration of Independence-changed to Life-Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness---I like LIFE-LIBERTY -PROPERTY better!!!

CRUSADE - A_N_Y_O_N_E!!!!!!

Thanks MR for your post linked below-it reminded me to finally write my thoughts on this issue....


Always On Watch said...

I wish that the Declaration of Independence had retained the word "property." The phrase "the pursuit of happiness" is too nebulous.

Do we know who and why the original terminology was changed?

christian soldier said...

Always--I'll check with Marshal - if he's in town...
Or-my notes :-)