Saturday, June 13, 2009

Joint Strike Fighter info Hacked and Cyber Security for Individuals....

I only read articles from the NYTs..if they seem truthful:

By Thom Shanker and David E. Sanger
updated 3:14 a.m. PT, Sat., June 13, 2009

WASHINGTON - A plan to create a new Pentagon cybercommand is raising significant privacy and diplomatic concerns, as the Obama administration moves ahead on efforts to protect the nation from cyberattack and to prepare for possible offensive operations against adversaries’ computer networks.

President Obama has said that the new cyberdefense strategy he unveiled last month will provide protections for personal privacy and civil liberties. But senior Pentagon and military officials say that Mr. Obama’s assurances may be challenging to guarantee in practice, particularly in trying to monitor the thousands of daily attacks on security systems in the United States that have set off a race to develop better cyberweapons.

Much of the new military command’s work is expected to be carried out by the National Security Agency, whose role in intercepting the domestic end of international calls and e-mail messages after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, under secret orders issued by the Bush administration, has already generated intense controversy.

Pentagon hacked, fighter data stolen
April 21: Cyber spies that may have originated in China hacked into the Pentagon and stole several terabytes worth of data about the joint strike fighter program. The Pentagon says no sensitive material was taken. NBC's Jim Miklaszewski reports.


The link has the rest:

THIS REMINDS me of Orwell's 1984---!!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Carol,

Just as in "1984" the people cannot see the Truth, in fact they embrace the error with fervor.

Our only hope is that Google's CEO, Schmidt is on one of Obama's advisory committeeies -- but he and Google are so liberal that it would not surprise me if Google was a part of the cyber attack.

Naaaa could that ever happen in the Good Ole USA?

In Jesus Christ eternally,


Bryan said...

Imagine that you are a corrupt political administration who has control over the internet. You can shut it down or restrict it anytime due to an actual cyber-attack, perceived cyber-attack, or even a false generated cyber-attack. Now why would someone generate a false cyber-attack? Meanwhile, just about election time...

Leslie said...

Ah yes, as we enter into the "Ministry of Truth"... You know I also wrote about Newspeak a while back too, I think these two go together. The cyber-hacking and "threats" of future hacking etc. The stories are tying together to make one big crisis...and they can't let a good crisis go to waste.

Tell me, shall we begin our practice of the two minute hate? But who shall be the Goldstein? Oh wait, BB made up Goldstein...but I don't want to give away the ending.

christian soldier said...

ex-thank you for stopping by-
The Dark Side (Lucifer's kids) are afraid of the real TRUTH-thus the continued attacks on Christianity - and the Bible ..check out my posts on the burning of our troops' Bibles..It makes me angry..or-'outraged'...

B-scary isn't it-and- with out hard copy- everything can be 'erased' and re-written....

L-I enjoy reading your posts on your blog and your comments on the blogs of others...thank you for stopping by...
I believe -and it just came to me recently- that we must develop a system of hard copy...the 'cyber sphere' is too easy to control ...

Anonymous said...


It is always possible to archive your posts/web pages onto a large hard drive... Then print it when needed or send it in an email.

In Jesus Christ eternally,


christian soldier said...

ex-thank you for that tip :-)