Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Stoning of Soaya-Movie Trailer &/Reality Reference LIST Concerning the Religion of Peace...

I got this from a commenter on Al Salibyyah blog site: A WOW reference to the truth about the religion of peace...

If you have never visited Al Salibiyyah-you are missing a great site -one that I have had on my favorites list nearly since my site's beginning.....: three posts from Salibiyyah:

Stoning of Soraya M:

Christian beaten to death by the followers of the religion of peace-- for purchasing tea w/o declaring himself a Christian!!!

Video of words of hate from the Koran:

Thank you -Al Salibiyyah (Arabic term for "The Crusade") for an excellent site...


Z said...

And Germany reports that a Turkish muslim father stabbed his 15 yr old daughter "several dozen times" for fraternizing with Westerners...IN GERMANY.
WHAT DID HE EXPECT? When are they going to learn to FIT IN or LEAVE?
Poor girl........the Germans are outraged and they actually have the guts to send these types BACK. More power to them.

christian soldier said...

Z-they the THEY - do not want to fil in = they want to take over...
Did you see the two accounts of Christians being taken to court by CAIR -one case in MI and one in Mass..!!!?
Thomas Moore Law is taking the one in MI..
TML is listed on my favorites..

My FRIENDS want me get another degree--- in law--I'd do only advocacy..NOOOOOO - I want to do my art...and-maybe some 'community organizing"..