Friday, June 5, 2009

Marine Captain and My Friend Sent Photos From Iraq- of a Concert By Joe Nichols---I now have a NEW Favorite Performer...

Hat Tip/My Marine Friend - Captain Cowen stationed in Al Asad -with his friends -Iraqi soldiers-attending a Joe Nichols Concert...I am now a new fan of Joe Nichols --He supports our BEST...I looked him up and linked three of his songs-below---no emmbeds were available...

Capt Cowen, Lt Diya, Lt Salah, and Billy 1.JPG
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Capt Cowen, Lt Diya, Lt Salah, and Billy 1.JPG

Lt Diya, Capt Cowen, Lt Salah.JPG

Joe Nichols.JPG

Joe Nichols Wearing a Marine's Cover.JPGJoe Nichols Wearing a Marine's Cover.JPG

If Nobody Believed in YOU:

OK-FOUR songs:-)
This one made me ROF LOL!!!

OH-I learned a new word!!!!! Cpt. Cowen stated that one of the BEST in the audience used the word "Freebird"... :-) I looked it up--you can too -

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