Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Friends-the Commands-Are We Fullfilling Them?!

I have commented on this military command of Christ Before-It bears repeating---
As I see the parables-I see them linked to agriculture (land-property)-money $$- and military (warfare) --
Gen.MacArthur comes to mind as a perfect commander of an OCCUPATION--
Christ commanded us to OCCUPY the ground HE WON:Are we Christians doing it?:

Jesus gave a direct command--
"Occupy til I come" ...Lk. 19-KJV:

I regard it as a military command --to HOLD the Ground Won-Christ won the high ground-HE commanded us to hold it...He also gave us the Full Armor Eph. 6---to do it....

The GROUND being ALL aspects of society---the arts-business-agriculture-EDUCATION...et.al.
Does that mean we FORCE our Faith on anyone -NO!:NO!: NO!:

BTW - God Himself put on the Full Armor- Is. 59---asking- (I paraphrase) "What are you doing about the shedding of innocent blood and unjust judges?"

I hope He does not have to wrest the Full Armor from us because of our inaction!


shoprat said...

Come to think of it, are we really fulfilling any of God's commands.

christian soldier said...

SR-I don't believe we are..

Z said...

Hi, Carol, I understand all the armor stuff, etc etc..but I'm not getting your point. Help me out here! Sorry, I'd like to understand because I find what you wrote interesting, but.......maybe it's midnight so I'm too pooped to think!?
Are we fulfilling...?

Z said...

i forgot to click "email follow up comments".!! I will now.

Z said...

I also saw your excellent comment at The Merry Widow and believe that I did understand more than I'd thought of this but still would like to discuss it with you.

christian soldier said...

Z-what does "e-mail follow up" do? I never paid any attention to it on the comment box :-)

As to "occupy til I come" ...
We followers of Christ must allow our leadership gifts to be used to show the "Light" in all aspects of our society...

I remember an account of Christians giving up the 'high ground' in Hollywood in 1968...

All movies had to be screened so that acceptable-family oriented content would be the result---the Christian monitors gave up that responsibilty--They said -lack of $$ money--
I say-lack of vision...
You know the verse --"My people perish for lack of knowledge"?
I am told that the true lexicon was the Chaldea word for VISION and that the verse is really " My people perish for lack of VISION"..

I also understand that- when the Christians gave up that 'high ground' - a major Hollywood producer-with tears in his eyes stated..
"Now, my business is going to Hell."..

It has - hasn't it---

Just one of many examples of Christians relinquishing 'high ground' we already 'occupied'...

I could go on and on--I hope this helps clarify from whence I am coming...
PS-if this allows us to communicate via e-mail- give me an heads up-my spam mechanism grabs all 'unknown' and some 'known' e-addresses :-)

Z said...

Thanks, Carol..I felt that was exactly what you were saying but I went a little obtuse there, sorry!
I TOTALLY believe what you say is true AS you can see from what I wrote to TMW at her wonderful site, right?

Oh, DARN...I'd tell you to contact my gmail account but, I forgot, my first name is in it..I've got to fix that somehow...(as if I know HOW?) DARN.
I can't give you my email address.

Hm. Well, we should be able to figure SOMETHING out!

Also, when you click on 'follow up comments' you get an email telling you someone's responded again to whatever comment thread you requested that info for..it's fun to remember you were in the heat of a discussion OR you wanted to see what others thought of a blog post of another blogger. Try it! I only started about a month ago and am glad I did.

I believe I have blogger buddies who don't mind their 'fake' email address posted, I'll ask one of them and have you write to them...with "TO Z" in the subject or something..they'll send it to me and I'll email you from the address I see on yours..okay?

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Thanks for the gentle reminder.

christian soldier said...

PCC-Your are so welcome---