Tuesday, March 23, 2010

GO ANN!!!---Ann Coulter Is Using the Dark Side's RULES Against Them!!!

and will file a grievance w/ the Canadian Human Rights Commission on the grounds of 'hate speech'!!
Houle - an administrator at the University of Ottawa-where Ann is scheduled to speak --sent her an e-mail message with what Ezra Lavant described as a "veiled threat" ...

You all know how long I have been saying that WE should use the RULES (Alinsky's - Lucifer's) ) against those who use them against us!

Up-Date:Mark Steyn-one of my favorites!!! offers his take --he is a Canadian - you know...:-)
I also highly recommend his book-_America Alone_...

ANOTHER Canadian -I've had his site on my roll for some time--who is fighting for FREEDOM and stated this:note-he mentions the Uof O veiled threat to Ann too:

"Because if America FALLS - FREEDOM World-Wide FALLS with America"

Uof Ottowa CANCELLED Ann's speech!! with video interview with Ann..


Captain USpace said...

I hope Ann really makes an issue out of this. The MSM won't utter much of a peep though.

Ann Coulter, Ezra Levant, and Mark Steyn are totally excellent, someone MUST give them their own shows! We should all go hear them speak if we ever get the chance.
absurd thought -
God of the Universe likes
human rights commissions

that violate human rights
while claiming to protect them

absurd thought -
God of the Universe hates
real freedom of speech

an American concept
which is NOT for Canada
All real freedom starts with freedom of speech. Without freedom of speech there can be no real freedom.
Why Does Canada Allow Human Rights Commission and Richard Warman to KILL True Free Speech?
Philosophy of Liberty Cartoon
Help Halt Terrorism Now!


Captain USpace said...

Great post, makes a great tweet too:

GO ANN!!! - Ann Coulter Is Using the Dark Side's RULES Against Them!!! http://eCa.sh/yjr6 via @carolsblog123 #Canada


MK said...

What a sniveling coward that academic is, issuing a threat like that, i'd like to see him have the balls to say that to a muslim speaker.

Good on Ann Coulter, that academic hiding under his desk isn't fit to clean her toilet. I doubt very much that Canadian muslim rights commission will have the balls to give her a fair hearing, but at least it'll be another opportunity to shame them as they rightly deserve.

I note as well the president of the student federation lacks the balls to allow Coulter to speak, i understand seamus, i've never met a leftist male with the courage to face a woman like Coulter, why would you be any exception.

christian soldier said...

Hey U! :-) it is so good to hear from You!!!
OK-I'll attempt twitter again! :-)

MK-she is the personification of what I believe we all could be doing - in one forum or another - to wrest power from the freedom haters...