Saturday, March 13, 2010

Nash Poem -Too True Not To Be Spoken Aloud...

and taken to heart...
You all know how I love poetry...I had my students memorize this:
Poetry is the wisdom of the ages...
It can be found in books-on certain pages...
To remove from it a vagueness or a cloud...
It must be spoken often and aloud...

The poem below-by Ogden Nash -must be spoken aloud...
h/t Gates of Vienna:

Here is Ogden Nash ruminating about Professional Men:
- - - - - - - - -
I Yield to My Learned Brother
Is There a Candlestick Maker in the House?
by Ogden Nash

The doctor gets you when you’re born,
The preacher, when you marry,
And the lawyer lurks with costly clerks
If too much on you carry.
Professional men, they have no cares;
Whatever happens, they get theirs.

You can’t say When
To professional men,
For it’s always When to they;
They go out and golf
With the big bad wolf
In the most familiar way.
Hard times for them contain no terrors;
Their income springs from human errors.

The noblest lord is ushered in
By a practicing physician,
And the humblest lout is ushered out
By a certified mortician.
And in between, they find their foyers
Alive with summonses from lawyers.

Oh, would my parents long ago
Had memorized this motto!
For then might I, their offspring, buy
A Rolls or an Isotto.
But now I fear I never can,
For I am no professional man.

You can’t say When
To professional men,
For it’s always When to they;
They were doing fine In ’29,
And they’re doing fine today.
One beacon doth their paths illumine,


Jg. for FatScribe said...

can't wait to read more ogden nash ... thank CS for sharing a terrific poem! -Jg.

christian soldier said...

JG- so glad that you enjoyed it---I may have to purchase a book of all of his thoughts-before they disappear..