Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Friends' Church -Vandalized -City of LA Regards it As a Hate Crime---I Do Too!!

The Pastor of St.John's Lutheran Church says that the church will be having scheduled EASTER services ...even though vandals sprayed Hate Filled logos and etc. on the walls and windows...:

It's being treated as a hate crime by the multi-agency House of Worship Task Force, which includes local and federal investigators.
Lutheran Church Vandalized--video included...

OK-what do you think?....
Please Pray for the congregation...It is HOLY WEEK!!!


MK said...

Definitely democrat voters.

I'm surprised they viewed it as a hate crime, i thought those were only for muslims and gays.

As for the Church, good on them. The Lord is not threatened by us puny humans scrawling blasphemy on his house, he is not frightened of us, he feels sorry for us in fact and wishes only to save us.

christian soldier said...

MK-I ALWAYS love your take on issues-