Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lefties in Hollywood Scew the Truth About Our BEST -Again!

Right down to the dressing the actors in the wrong uniforms!!!
Hollywood Can't Tell the Truth About Our BEST!

Working on my art - so - light posting --thanks to all who have commented :-)


WomanHonorThyself said...

wow I just saw this flick hun..thanks for sharing!

Ron Russell said...

I haven't seen this film yet, and usually wait until they make it to the small screen. I generally don't like the war movies coming out now as most take an anti-war stance and even at times an anti-military position. I understand this was a major production and millions were used in producing this work. You would think they could get the uniforms right--most who watch will never notice, but the guys who were there certainly will and some consideration for those on which the film was based should have been considered.

MK said...

I saw this movie a month or so ago and at the time i did find that the central character was a bit of a dipshit and moron. No surprise then that the morons in hollywood would be attracted to him.

The only good thing to come out of this is that all the leftist pansies, hippies and wankers screw-america fantasy film 'avatar' got shafted by this movie. That really did it for me, avatar in my opinion was a worthless jumble of flashy and colorful crap, so it was nice to see it and its sycophants dreams dashed to pieces.

christian soldier said...

WHT-What did you think of it?

RR-they always seem to get something wrong - and it's always against our BEST..

MK-thanks-didn't know it had 'ousted' Avatar...:-)