Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bring Back DDT-Dengue Virus is BACK--after 75 Years!

Dengue Fever has shown up in infected people in Florida- 1,000 + have been exposed!
after 75 years-mosquitoes are carrying the virus that causes dengue fever---

DDT- let's bring it back
Rachel Carson, 1940
Rachel Carson-_Silent Spring_ published-1962-- the book that brought the demise of that valuable pesticide DDT that all but eliminated the spread of insect transmitted disease-
had an 'iffy' background that no one revealed in the '60s---
the MSM was the power at the the info on her hidden communist? ties and her "friendship" w/ Dorothy Freedman- was covered up---
even my mother thought she was wonderful-but- my mother was a does that tell you?!!!


William Stout said...

DDT is a safe and effective control of the mosquito vector of disease. Rachel Carson is a liar and a fraud and the environmentalist nut jobs forged the research in order to frame DDT as they also did with global warming. Despite a Federal judge finding DDT to be a safe pesticide the Environmental Protection Agency banned it to pacify the raving lunatics of the left. Thus did the left effect the indirect murder of millions of people in the third world.

Lies, fudged scientific data, pseudo-science, and rants are the trademarks of the left. Despite this, people still listen to these fools and people still die because of these idiots like Laurie David and Al Gore. If the left wishes to rail against corruption and stupidity, they should take a good, hard, long look at themselves first. They will find much there to rail against.

Anonymous said...


Carson lied and children died, especially in Africa. Do gooders are sending Africa mosquito nets when they should be sending DDT !!

My dear departed wife went to HS with a fellow, later to become a scientist trying to debunk Carson. I met him about 30 years after he began his campaign -- which researched the "harm" to humans by DDT. He ATE pure DDT for years without any harm.. when I met him, he was as healthy as the rest of the 70 year old folks at her reunion.

We need DDT especially in Africa and now in South Florida, my home state.

In Jesus Christ eternally,


christian soldier said...

WS-she was a fraud and Eisenhower thought that she was a communist and I tend toward that conclusion as well...

ExP-I don't know who "wins" when lies are perpetrated as science---I do know that Africa suffers to this day because of the withdrawal of DDT-and now it looks like the US will again return to 'old diseases' that were earased because of DDT--
Thank you so much for the personal story of the brave man who tried to debunk a lie...
You miss your dear wife-I can tell--
Thank you for stopping by...

MK said...

Great, just what the liberals would love, to bring back all those wretched diseases to kill more of us off.