Wednesday, July 28, 2010

LA to Become Detroit & LA County Jack Boots-No Search Warrant Necessary!

You get two for one today - and brief - I have a full day - w/o a computer - :-) or )-: however one looks at it ...

M. Malkin has a post about SEIU taking buses to Arizona from LA- and that the union members were welcome to go---thus- not work - thus-LA 's infrastructure is compromised-some union members objected to the LA - SEIU - protest- this was my comment on her site: to note-$1 houses are in Detroit...

speaking of GM and LA– (GM=government motors)..
the unions-government fraud and socialist welfare killed the once beautiful Detroit
looks like LA is headed in the same direction–unions-welfare…government fraud
a house for a $1 in LA!? WOW -
Now LA county will allow-- via UN mandates-Jack Boots to invade Privately Owned Farms- for the 'good of the people"... Read it and BEWARE!;
PS: Why do I have to go to the site of our allies like Canada - New Zealand - Austrailia to find these little Freedom wrenching dittys!? Where is our press?
Los Angeles County, in response to rural non-compliance of environmental ordinances, has formed what they call the “Nuisance Abatement Team


MK said...

Always depressing to see yet another town or city become a socialist/liberal sh!thole. I don't understand why people won't learn from the mistakes of others.

christian soldier said...

MK-they don't- my take is that there are those who honestly believe they are 'owed' ..

Always On Watch said...

About that article in Canada Free Press....Our local governments here in the D.C. area keep enacting regulation after regulation, each more oppressive and restrictive than the last, and even encourage neighbors to report those around them "not in compliance."

This push by local governments has been going on with increasing alacrity for the past five years! We property owners no longer have the full use of our property, yet we play Draconian real-estate taxes!

christian soldier said...

AOW-you are so right- they come onto my property and stick things on my trees- w/o asking - to find 'bad' insects---and we do pay property taxes ---
How did our ancestors allow them to circumvent the original Constitution?!!