Friday, July 16, 2010

FACTS---&-Why the Continued Race War?

It's Time to DOUBLE DOWN and reveal the FACTS--
Those Blacks who choose to be victims-and sling the raaaaacist epitaph -- can take your PC --- fact-less minds-- else-where--maybe to a New Black Panther meeting-or the NAACP - or "Reverend' Wright's 'church'...I've had it with lies here are FACTS:
h/t: Crusader Rabbit:

Mentioning the unmentionable:
Posted on July 15, 2010 by KG

Various single-offender crime statistics in US in 2007:

Number of white-on-black rapes/sexual assaults: 0
Number of black-on-white rapes/sexual assaults: 14,093

Number of white-on-black robberies: 0
Number of black-on-white robberies: 69,293

Number of white-on-black violent crimes (with completed violence): 2,572
Number of black-on-white violent crimes (with completed violence): 122,767

Number of white-on-black violent crimes, total: 55,685
Number of black-on-white violent crimes, total: 433,934

Source: author’s calculations based on Table 42 from US Dept. of Justice, Criminal Victimization in the United States, 2007 Statistical Table

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Z said...

Holy SMOKE those numbers are BAD, aren't they, but heck, WE are racists, right?

I don't believe most Blacks believe this,either, tell you the truth, including a Black Talk show host named David Webb who was on Larry King the other night standing UP for the Tea Parties and saying a few bad apples do NOT represent all the great people in it.

This RACISM thing is such a smokescreen ....'keep them busy talking about that, don't let them see what we're doing'...but it's such a very dangerous game they're playing, isn't it? xx

Z-man said...

If you read The Overton Window by Glenn Beck those few bad apples in those Tea Party-type gatherings are infiltrators planted to make 'em look bad.

The_Kid said...

Dividing the country is the main strategy of the democrats.

They Say/We Say said...

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WomanHonorThyself said...

yup no matter what the facts are..we are the racists right??!! .hope your weekend is's hot hot hot here!!:)

christian soldier said...

Z-I believe you are right--a smoke-screen indeed--

Z-M-I've heard the same thing-which is why our side must learn to carry cameras and work in groups of a least two...

TK-the outline in Alinsky's book gives them their 'marching orders' - that is for sure- divide/denigrate/and et al....

TW/WS-thanks for the heads up---

WHT-it is hot here too-car thermometer read 116 at 5:00 PM -Saturday! so- it probably was higher during the 'heat of the day'---
hope you are surviving :-)--enjoy your week-end --

Sam Huntington said...

Amazing facts, Carol ...

You won't read any of this in the press though.

shoprat said...

Painful truths that the left needs to silence at all costs. As many whites are victims of black hoodlums, innocent blacks are victimized even more, but their victims fall for the line that it's whitey's fault.

MK said...

Time and again we've seen racism is well and truly alive amongst some blacks. it's shameful really considering how far they have come.

in a way it's not just white liberal racists who are holding black people back, they're doing plenty of it themselves.