Friday, July 23, 2010

Rush Answered My Question -Almost As Soon As I Asked It!

I had just finished posting this question on my favorite Blog from Australia-while listening to Rush-as soon as I pressed 'post'-Rush answered my question! (remember-you are viewing time date from Australia_

carol-Christian Soldier said

it just struck me: question:

How did the Dark Side (Lucifer’s Kids) take over countries and nations w/ socialist – islamic percepts – world -wide!?
How long have we been asleep?- 80/100 years?

Rush-Friday-10:43 ish - AM PT-
not Wilson-not FDR- he believes it was the election of JF Kennedy -leading us in the US to 'Harvard' type elitism...
I believe Rush is right!!!
Up-Date-another reason is that Christians bought into the PC mantra - so this little 'poetic' ditty just came to me:

We Christians and our Christian leaders must:
Get off of our BEHINDS-
BEFORE- it's too Late-
To clear the Slate!
and save the United States!
by Carol-CS

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The_Kid said...

No doubt about that. PC must go.