Wednesday, April 4, 2012

ART-Staying Attuned to the BASICS Is Important

One of my dear friends exclaimed to me- concerning my art - -"Carol, you've gone backwards!"
My early years of art instruction (elementary,  high school, university) came from instructors tuned to the 'classical' school (Beckman et al) -
I taught art and music to K-6 using the skills gained and a few of my students went on to become illustrators and one became a draftsman (woman) for a major automobile Co.
After years of creating classical type works (Not selling any-typical artist!! " - )
 I started classes at a local college- -the words used toward my art were such as - "You've got to loosen up--or --you do not have to draw 'realistic' figures'  --etc etc-
Thank God for my truthful friend- I am back to realistic drawing-
I have found a couple of great sites:
Encouraging is the word I would use-the list of three posts from illustration art--includes --The Superman creators who did not know what they had--etc:

This site is great as well!
and this one:

My site-must update it-but- you will get the 'gist' :
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Right Wing Theocrat said...

I don't get much of the so called art that's peddled around these days. Recently an Aussie here won a big prize for his painting, it's supposed to be a self-portrait, but has no face in it. Go figure. Here it is -

It's a nice painting, but no face, maybe I'm just too stupid to get it. I'm sure the arty types would say so and I should just go away, but they keep the check I pay through my taxes though.