Monday, April 16, 2012

Super Model at 83!! I love this woman!

 This woman is a bench mark to me -now- as well as my friend -whom I describe below!

I have a dear friend who is 95+ and still going strong-drives everywhere-does her own gardening (1/2 acre) -she said to me the other day-I had to give up golf and tennis because... "I wasn't fast enough to the net and I could no longer walk the course and carry my own clubs...!"
She has always been my bench mark to aging! Poooooof to age!!


Leticia said...

That's awesome! We need to see more beautiful women of all ages and sizes posing in magazines, billboards and so forth.

I was proud to see that Avon, which I sell, btw, finally showing models of a larger size, which in my opinion is the normal size, not some size 0 model.

christian soldier said...

L- I agree-
I'm involved w/ Mary Kay Cosmetics-and I was happy to see ladies of the graying age in our MK-Look- brochures... --too : - )

Kid said...

Carry her own clubs? Good Lord!

christian soldier said...

K-she is so "cool"!! You would love her!

Right Wing Theocrat said...

I'm surprised they let her on the catwalk, given how fickle and superficial the fashion world is. Good for her though.