Saturday, April 14, 2012

POETRY-Model for Brevity

I originally started my blog as an out- let for my thoughts and my poetry--
I have been thinking that it is time to get back to my original purpose-other blogs disperse the "news"--
This article has confirmed my 'back to the future' thoughts : - )

Below is a poem that I encouraged my students to memorize-because- when they came to me - they thought poetry was boring- I told them that anyone who could write -with few words- and get their point across - is a true thinker--poetry is the model for brevity-(copy write  2012 Carol)

Poetry is the wisdom of the ages-
It can be found in books--on certain pages-
To remove from it a vagueness or a cloud-
It must be spoken often and aloud.
(author un-known)


Kid said...

Carol-CS, I think more people need to bottom line it. Some folks take several paragraphs to get a point across when a few sentences will do.

Z said...

I like that poem, Carol...says a lot.
I think it's sad people stopped having to memorize poetry in schools...My dad sure knew a lot of it.
It might have appeared as just ROTE LEARNING in those days, but it gave such an appreciation for language, for timing, for sentence structure, sentiment, etc etc's a lost art and that's a real shame.
I've mastered some German and French, and learning song lyrics in those languages really helped me in the early days of learning as it put it 'in my ear'...and I could make sentences later with different subjects but the same grammar as a song lyric I remembered, etc.

I hope you'll publish your poetry here!

Dan said...

So true. The more words, the less impact of the point. I like poetry. I've tried to compose it, hence my appreciation for those who can do it well.

They Say/We Say said...

Students are rewarded to have a mentor like you.

christian soldier said...

K-and these days-time is getting shorter-don't know if it is because of the computer age or not-but fewer words are read-long tomes are not-

Z-I have put my poetry here and will do so again...

D-enjoy your posts and find them 'to the point'!~

TS-thank you for your kind words and encouragement!