Sunday, April 29, 2012

Infiltration of Our US Govt. By Islam-

I have been warning about this and the $$$ trail - via oil $$- PC- and my own poem of-LUKEWARM froggy- in boiling water-this is the link-!
Little Lisa M (is Sen of Alaska because the NRSC- National Rep Senatorial Committee- went to Alaska  to help little Lisa by starting  a write in vote--and over threw the then- winning election of  Joe Miller a man on honor and -West POINT grad  little Lisa M  could retain her 'inherited' seat in the Senate  and work her and the Rs  dastardly deeds ) - she is mentioned in the vid-
I also told you about the burning of our troops' CHRISTIAN BIBLES-
the fact the Gen Boynkin (sp) was stopped from speaking at WEST POINT-
This video reminded me of the warnings I gave my church - which sold Lutheran property to the muslims-(who built a mosque that looks rather  like the 9/11 WTC!)--
-- warnings I gave my friends and family- which went un-heeded-
Take the time to view-for the sake of US FREEDOM!
Do you see why I call myself a CONSTITUTIONALIST- not a Republican! There are too many RINOS !-(Carol creator of RINO-1993)
thank you  for this video-JAWA  -and - Adrienne-both sites  on my side roll-


republicanmother said...

One of the speakers in this video is David Horowitz, whose foundation receives a lot of money from Elitist and pro-abort Dick Scaife.

I like to look at the bigger picture: The UN is relocating muslims to America for the purpose of destabilization by proxy. They want us to divert our attention to the muslims, meanwhile we don't follow the fact that our country is being sold out from under us with Agenda 21 and international law.

That's my two cents.

christian soldier said...

RM-your 'two cents' matches my 'two cents'---it all mixes to render the original intent of the Founders to be X-d out!
BTW-David H lives near LA and I attended one of his first - then small- lectures- waaaay back--
he has been compromised - I am sure---