Thursday, April 26, 2012

BIBLES - No MORE for AIR Force-Atheists WIN-I'm OFFENDED!

Remember I informed you all about the military burning the BIBLES of our troops fighting 'over there'!?
Well ---the US Air Force has caved to the OFFENSIVE atheists-clikk this link for video via FOX
and the link to my post  : for recent history of military caving...the Luciferian   Red Horse is one of my paintings...
Just to remind- this regime are followers of Alinsky-- who gave honor to LUCIFER in his book - _Rules for Radicals_
Horse Pic
General MacArthur's take-and Pentagon Bible burning


Kid said...

Carol-CS, I Love this painting. And I agree - the war has been declared on Christians while the barbarians go not only unfettered but aided.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

These atheists really suck if you ask me, why are they behaving like assholes.

And shame on the airforce for caving in to these irritating asses.

christian soldier said...

K-thank you for your encouraging compliment-
We Christians had better stop being NICEY and stand up---

RWT-indeed-SHAME on the AF- and I am sure you agree w/ me - that our military has become so PC that our BEST are endangered...