Monday, April 2, 2012

Detroit -House for $1.00 - Large Colonial for $12,000.00

 Life Liberty PROPERTY (money-and land)- Original wording of the Declaration!
Detroit (and the rest of Michigan)-the first welfare city-has had HIGH TAXES for a very long time!
Now-you can buy a 3 bdrm colonial for $12,000-and for $1  in some places !!-so a whole block of houses would be cheap & !!!!
Taking from others to support out of wedlock single mothers and children ( ADC )and other govt give away programs funded by  tax payer $$$$  - does not work...
and-would you believe-socialist  Michigan's property tax rates  are higher than socialist CA!

looks like the IRISH are getting it- they are protesting property taxes!


Leticia said...

Gee, come to think of it, I did tell one of my friends that her Porsche cost more than my house. She didn't know what to say.

Sad, but true.

Carol............. said...

I'd like to think that the worst is almost over.....but then again I'm a realist!

Right Wing Theocrat said...

I wouldn't mind buying a whole block for a couple of dollars, so long as I won't have to pay any rates and taxes on them. That's the only way I would take a chance on such places.

Kid said...

That was my thought. If no one is buying for a buck, the property taxes have to be the elephant in the ointment.

christian soldier said...

L-your commetn g=brought a much needed " - )

Carol-went to your site-love it-
HORSES!!and other animals!! and straight talk!

RWT- the taxes in MI are percentage-wise- more than overtaxed California...can you believe it!?!!
- I can- I was born and raised in a suburb of Detroit... - Detroit is dead because of socialist spending-

K- the taxes in MI esp in Detroit- are more than here in CA!!! that is why I do not ever want to go back- -
OK- the weather is a factor too : - )

republicanmother said...

Keeping yourself alive is the challenge, that and property taxes in Detroit are around $2000+ for a little house like that.

My daughter and I have a little fascination with google viewing Detroit - it's like a real ghost town. One thing that's fun to do (if you're as odd as I am) is look at the old census records and backtrack the addresses to see what kind of people used to live in certain areas. It's kind of interesting.

Bunkerville said...

My appraisal for a refi came in a $80,000 less than what I paid. Thanks Obama, now I am gurgling, gasping for air like so many others.This was no million dollar mansion, but a bungalow.

christian soldier said...

RM-according to my searches- the Romney family's Detroit property was razed-and it was a - what used to be - an high end area!

B-sorry to hear that --the socialist agenda did not work in Detroit and bho's socialist-progressive tactics are going to continue to degrade the US...