Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Australian Student in OK -Murdered for the 'Fun of It'--Any Bets As to Race?/Religion? of Perps.

 Welcome to America - SARC>>>6 questions>>>What  race-religion-non religion- atheist- followers of the present US regime --
What would b. Hussein Obama say?!! Would bho  be OUTRAGED ?--don't think so!

UP-DATE:Perps are "Feral Baboons" -not my words- but they fit-
-they are Black-(victims)-thanks Darin via Crusader Rabbit for this up date and the great description of the murderers--
  • chris_lane.jpg
    In this undated photo provided by the Essendon Baseball Club, player Chris Lane wears his baseball equipment, in Australia. (AP/Essendon Baseball Club)

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/08/20/police-say-teen-shot-australian-student-in-oklahoma-for-fun-it/#ixzz2cWWvbaLA

Gateway posted about this murder after I did - this is my comment there:

Don't forget the word 'VICTIMS' w/ the word black--
Be ready - the black murderers will not be blamed--
The guns that they used will be the target of the MSM--
The evil guns did the murdering of Chris Lane--

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