Friday, August 2, 2013

U S Marine-Myles Kerr- Deliberately Loses Race To Help 9 Year Old Boy--and AGAIN-Another Marine--
Thanks for the heads up- Crusader Rabbit
'I was only doing what any other Marine would do>>'
Reminds me what my Army relative said after earning the Bronze Star-
"I was only doing my job." 


Mustang said...

Heroism is displayed in all kinds of ways, isn't it?

christian soldier said...

M- interesting that heroes do not regard themselves as heroes--

Sam Huntington said...

A true hero is someone who gives up their life to save the life of another. But I feel people display heroic traits every single day, and hardly anyone notices. This fine Marine displayed heroic traits and we should applaud his exemplary behavior.

christian soldier said...

SH= I believe that one who 'goes in' knowing that he/she could die - is a hero - as was the case of my relative (Bronze Star) --
and- the fact that each these Marines saw a need and answered- shows the heart of a hero--