Thursday, August 22, 2013

Duck Dynasty Star -Rails Against Abortion-The D D Now Has Me As A FAN--GOD GUNS FAMILY

Based on seeing this video - I watched duck Dynasty last night- The D D has a new FAN-that FAN is ME!!--
Christians / Family/ successful business family/ give HONOR  to their WIVES /

This is what got me started- thank you J. & K Miller!:

DD stood up against tyranny-A&E threatened to cut them if they did not stop praying-using guns and et al--DD said - if we cannot pray and use guns we will not do the show--

DD Star Eyed for R spot on ballot:

DD Hits the Road for FAITH


Unknown said...

"Carol's Blog" has been included in the Sites To See for this week. Be assured that I hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.

Fredd said...

These guys are what liberals all hate: religious, armed and rural. Libs are OK with the beards, though, takes them back to their hippie days.

And these guys are NO hippies. Not even close.

Three reasons why liberals hate Duck Dynasty:

1. The Duck Dynasty guys go to state fairs and eat corn dogs, and laugh at rodeo clowns wearing rubber Obama masks. Only dangerous, sweaty, stupid hick hayseed bible thumpers do those things.

2. They are from the south. Nuff said.

3. They all know how to field strip an AR-15. God knows, uh, er, should I say WHO knows what kind of miscreants own guns, God forbid, er, uh, I mean Obama forbid.

christian soldier said...

J-thank you for your encouragement and for your kind link--I will be adding your site to my roll-I enjoyed my visit and will 'be over' frequently ...

christian soldier said...

F- your comment brought a smile- and insight--
I will be posting about a Southerner named Lee-(-:
first in his class at USMA -West Point --Superintendent at the Academy -and many more outstanding achievements --

Knowing the Constitution and the Founding HIStory of this Republic- I now wonder if I would have joined the Confederacy had I been alive at that time--

TS/WS said...

Join The Crowd

christian soldier said...

TS-we should have been on full alert when the DoD burned the Bibles of our troops ....
We are in mess --because -- many have been 'asleep' and still are ...