Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mark Levin - Liberty Amendments


I call this the RE FOUNDING - and we are the RE FOUNDING Fathers and Mothers!! (copy right-Carol-CS)

Mark' s interview w/ Sean Hannity:



WomanHonorThyself said...

Marc is so awesome!!!

TS/WS said...

We are already set up in each State.
Tea Party's.
The first two Amendments that should be added would be that the Constitution 'SHALL NOT' be suspended.
Then resend and repeal the 16th.
After that a meeting of the minds.

Mustang said...

I agree with Levin 100% .. but be aware that there continues to be a danger to this process. If the process is hijacked by the communists, we are done in America. Just put up the tombstone and forget about it.

christian soldier said...

W- he is and he is one of the few I trust--

christian soldier said...

T-like your take!

christian soldier said...

M- I will listen to Levin on Hannity this Fri - with your warning in mind--

TS/WS said...

This would NOT be a Convention.
This would be adding Amendments-bypassing Congress with 2/3 of the States, Article 5.
Bring forth Amendments that 2/3 of the States would all agree on and pass.
That would be all it will take, the Congress would not have a say.
But the President could issue a Drone strike and melt the buildings with all the people inside.

Ema Nymton said...
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christian soldier said...

To the commenter who was deleted-
I will not tolerate liberal liars here-

christian soldier said...

To Ema
Don't give me that garbage about Obama doing anything, because he's not. He did nothing for the victims in Benghazi, MANY have not forgotten."

Ema Nymton
If I am reading this correctly- I must agree w/ Ema- never thought I would 'say ' that!

christian soldier said...

Sorry all- the quote was Leticia's -not ema's-
I should have known -It pays to read all of the comments on the other sites!!