Tuesday, August 6, 2013

BETRAYED - MG Vallely & Karen and Billy Vaughn Parents of Aaron Vaughn of Seal Team 6--the 'Mysterious' Crash

Editor’s Note – August 6th will be the second anniversary of the downing of the CH-47 Chinook helicopter, call sign Extortion 17, carrying 30 American warriors to their death in Afghanistan. Since that time, the families of the fallen special operators have been given the runaround to put it mildly.
Billy and Karen Vaughn, parents of SEAL Team VI member Aaron Vaughn one of those killed that fateful day, have been investigating along with other family members of the other fallen heroes..

Congress to probe lethal SEAL crash

By Bob Cusack – The Hill
Congress has launched an investigation of the helicopter crash that killed 30 Americans in Afghanistan, including members of the Navy’s elite SEAL Team 6 unit, The Hill has learned. [WATCH VIDEO]

My Take: Why do our BEST continue to volunteer!!-
REMEMBER SEAL TEAM 6 and CH-47 Chinook Crash !! 


TS/WS said...

I said often back then that Obamo gave a bone to the Muzzies for the Political Points for the kill of O B L.
Tanks guys and I'll send them your way.

WomanHonorThyself said...

God bless them all my friend!

Mustang said...

This is a most interesting video, Carol. Now of course, if we wish to understand why Joe Biden wasn’t charged with a violation of the National Secrets Act by identifying Seal Team Six as the unit engaged in the killing of Bin Laden, we only have to recall that Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta handed over to a Hollywood producer, the name and rank of the Naval officer commanding that strike team. That too was a violation of the law. Did anything ever happen to Panetta? No. Has anything ever happened to Biden? No. Has anything happened to Hillary Clinton for causing the death of Amb. Stevens and three other fine Americans? No.

So we must ask, and I must phrase the question carefully: at what point having been denied justice, will the American people not only demand but exact a fitting punishment for those high officials who behaved in a treasonous manner, who caused the death of our troops, who hazarded military operations and vessels, and who ordered our front line people into the valley of death without a plan to extract them? Have we, as a people become so timid?

Marine4Ever said...

Carol, in response to your question, "Why do our BEST continue to volunteer!!" -- If America continues on the force march that she's on, the BEST will cease to volunteer.

Mustang, in regard to the first sentence of your second paragraph -- I'll try to be a tactful as I know how and phrase my answer as carefully as possible due to NSA twerps listening in: WHEN WE TAKE UP ARMS AND SHOVE THOSE BILLION PLUS ROUNDS OF HOLLOW POINTS UP THE RECTUMS OF THOSE WHO SO DESPERATELY NEED IT.

christian soldier said...

TS- Your take is most likely correct--bho is a traitor--and betrays our guys--

christian soldier said...

W-indeed- and those still in the field will need God's protection because the regime will not 'watch their backs' that is for sure!!

christian soldier said...

M- to answer your question- we here know some who are not timid--personally and via the blog world--

coalescing is what we must do--the Dark Side does it --we are better than the Dark Siders--

christian soldier said...

M4--I like your answer to M's question even better than my own >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Kid said...

There IS something that sticks in my craw about this one Carol.
Though opposing points:

-truth is often stranger than fiction

-how many copters get shot down and why this one? Betrayed? Gift to the muzzies?

I don't know about this incident and won't come to a conclusion without more information but I'm More than willing to cast obama as a little boy frothing at the mouth to take credit for obl So much that he'd have displayed less than zero regard for OPSEC protocol (surely doesn't even know the meaning) and would have thrown the SEALS, their mothers and friends under the bus to keep his one prize button - the OBL kill, that when you break it down:
- it's pretty obvious he dithered over this for months doing election scenarios based on fail or success of the mission, and in the end, the only part he played in it was to say "OK' to the people who were on the edge for months in Pakistan waiting for it and the men who ultimately went in and executed the mission.

The whole thing is so pathetic it makes me want to puke.

Kid said...

Explanation: one prize button.

The obl kill is honestly, the Only thing history, if it is written by a sane person, will give him 'credit' for over his 8 years.

Kid said...

Mustang - " Have we, as a people become so timid?"

Timid? No, I'd say misinformed, NOT informed, mis-educated and frankly today's youth which I'd say encompasses people into their late 30's really don't give a damn, have no understanding of what America is supposed to be, what it takes to deal with evil, and what the consequences of not dealing with it -foreign and domestic- might be.

That last bit will become evident to them and pretty soon if you ask me.

Marine4Ever said...

Kid -- "The whole thing is so pathetic it makes me want to puke.
I've had the dry heaves for so long that it's hard to remember.

"The obl kill is honestly, the Only thing history, if it is written by a sane person, will give him 'credit' for over his 8 years."
Didn't you mean to use the words, 'insane person,' Kid? Remember, Bathhouse Barry had to practically have a gun put to HIS head before he would give the nod.

"...today's youth which I'd say encompasses people into their late 30's..."
Which means that all us old farts can kiss America goodbye and live out our remaining days in Amerika. As the saying goes, "All good things must come to an end." We've been had; they outnumber us.

christian soldier said...

K- having followed this 'incident' since it happened- some afghans taken off- Seal Team 6 members on board-the helicopter-- not the type usually used for the type of mission etc etc etc--
and my mis-trust of the regime--leads me to believe it was planned!-
the article and the videos make things pretty clear as well..

Leticia said...

Thank God for our loyal comrades in arms, I don't think America would be as safe as it is now.

If Obama had his way, they would all be disbanded.

I wish more Americans would pull their heads out of the sand and start keeping the administration accountable.

Kid said...

M4E, I agree. Which, when you think about it kind of frees the soul to just chuck it, have a good time and let the dumbasses deal with the beds they've made.

It is kind of a weight lifted off. Personally, I plan to Laugh at Libtards the rest of my days as they discover what they've done to themselves.

Kid said...

Carol-CS, You won't get an argument from me.

Kid said...

Carol-CS, FSLR had a disappointment in the last earnings report. If you own it, I wouldn't let go any lower before dumping it and re-evaluating later.

TSLA is my new Favorite. It is also the fav of a lot of pros for a variety of reasons, least if which is earning surprises to the upside and a very positive future earnings growth. Earnings growth is the #1 thing that propels stock price.

Market crashes and all bets are off.

christian soldier said...

L- I must thank you - again- for your encouraging words some time ago when I had thought of giving up this blog process--

christian soldier said...

K- thank you for the 'tip' on FSLR--

I agree w/ you and M4--
it is time to enjoy life--because- seriously- we cannot 'fix' anything now--

My goal is - to make $$$$$ - and join Net Jets-- TSA- go away!!

Did I just rhyme again!! (-:

Marine4Ever said...
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Marine4Ever said...

Not only did you just rhyme again, CC, but you split infinitives!! Live free or die hard!

christian soldier said...

M- and some 'purists' think that splitting infinitives is grammatically incorrect!!
I love what the split infinitive does to the pentameter of a poem - or even to prose-
Bad Me--
and- indeed- Live Free or Die!

Ronald Barbour said...

Investigations, investigations, INVESTIGATIONS! - but not ONE traitor indicted, tried and executed!!!