Monday, August 12, 2013

VISA for Translator-- Who Helped Sgt Dakota Meyer (Medal of Honor) Is Stalled by DoS -- BUT>> Illegals From Mexico Get Hotel Rooms !!
"... Meyer said he won't rest until Hafez makes his way to the United States. "Hafez was with me the entire time. He is such a great man," he said.
Meyer said Hafez's actions were just as heroic as his own. When Meyer got to the scene of the Taliban ambush in the Ganjgal Valley, Hafez had already been shot and was making his way out.
"I looked at him and said 'I need you to go back in.' He had just had a new kid," Meyer said. "He said 'Inshallah' and said if it is my day to die it is my day to die. He was right next to me. ... He was handing me more ammo and at one point he got the gun and was covering me."
I ask you- Why does our Government provide hotel rooms for illegals- but will not expedite a request from a Medal of Honor recipient to get a VISA for  the translator who helped him !!!???????
Let us get rid of all govt 'agencies' they are inept and cost too many of my $$$$ and yours!

My Other Take:
 Sgt Meyer and we should encourage 'Hafez' to cross our Southern Border --and he and his family will be safe-- I was being SARC here- but- now I'm liking my idea more and more!!\
WOW- Just viewed this video -- the FOX Folks are thinking the way I am thinking-they say in this video ' ..get Hafez to Mexico  - and let him cross over to the U.S..from there'  How great minds think!!! HUH!!

Here is the article on hotel rooms provided by us in the US for ILLEGALS:

AND-does anyone think -as I do -that the regime has some nefarious motive for stalling the VISA ?--

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