Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fellow California Conservatives-and Those Who Know -"How California Goes-So Goes the Nation"--Be Advised...

California Tea Party :
California Republican Party (CRP) betrayal of $$ donors and volunteers is nothing new...
I remember a man of honor (Representative William Dannemeyer) for whom we worked so hard to promote to US Senate....and we were almost there --SUDDENLY - the PARTY FOUND a new guy with $$---
Micheal Huffington!!! The GOP-CRP - RNC betrayed us and Bill Dannemeyer for HUFFINGTON!!
Some of my friends were so angry that they voted for Diane Feinstein!!!
So - my fellow U.S. citizens-you have the GOP - CRP-RNC to thank for Diane!
BTW---guess who was Huffinton's wife!??
Arianna Huffington!!!
So-all of you conservatives out there---you have the GOP-RNC-CRP to thank for Arianna!!!

We now have a ballot measure here in CA PROP 1 A---that is being touted as a tax decrease--NOOOO it is a tax increase!!!

Thank you M. Malkin for the heads up on our recent TEA PARTY and the truth telling about our RRRRR Party!!!!

You are going to love this!!

My advise for the Republican Party-STOP trying to be liberal LITE!



Always On Watch said...

The GOP had better wise up and return to its conservative base.

christian soldier said...

You've got that right...