Sunday, March 22, 2009

Google Instructions for Privacy-- Photos of YOUR House Can Be Removed From the WW Web TOOO!

Want your house removed from Google-
click and scroll to bottom of article for instructions:

Oh Heck-here are the instructions:

How to get your house removed

To remove your house from Street View, visit the website and click on the words ‘Report a concern’ in the bottom left of the screen. Then click ‘privacy concerns’, followed by ‘my house’ then ‘I have seen a picture of my house and would like it removed’.

A Google spokeswoman said requests for images to be removed were nearly always complied with. ‘All we ask is that the reporting form is filled in correctly.

‘If someone wants their house taken off, we will do what they want but only after we have verified that they are the homeowner.’

The 'royals' -that would be government officials- and Google head- demand their privacy- too bad it wasn't afforded to the children and families of AIG executives....

Germans are demanding that Google obey privacy :

Germans in the country's northern state of Schleswig-Holstein are threatening to take legal action against Google because of fears that its photographs of the region's towns and streets are in breach of the country's strict privacy laws.


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