Sunday, March 22, 2009

Zvigniew Brzezinski-Advisor to Carter...My Take--An AA.......

Thanks to Gateway - I looked up Brzezinski on Google -
No wonder we are in the mess we are in--he is still advising!!
His handle on what to do when attacked is what I ran into yesterday w/a fellow student -50 ish years old from Armenia or Russia (I never asked)-who stated that we should not be fighting back -I asked him what he would do if someone came at him w/ a knife-he stated that he wouldn't use an atomic weapon ...HUH--My response was "What are you taking about?' He didn't make sense and neither does Brzezinski in this dialogue w/ Scarborough---
I know-it's from the huffington post- but- a vid is a vid....:

AA= Arrogant @SS


shoprat said...

He was an idiot under Carter and now he's an older idiot.

christian soldier said...

SR-And the 'powers that be' are still listening and taking his advice! Yiiks!