Monday, March 9, 2009

Munoz- a Government 'STEWARD' -Who believes He is a ROYAL-Assaults One of His Tax-Paying Voters--Vid Below---

Munoz a government STEWARD-ASSAULTS a tax-paying citizen:

Send Ricardo Munoz a teabag!

• Ward Office: 2500 S. St Louis
Chicago, IL 60623

• Ward Phone: 773-762-1771

• E-Mail:

(if that doesn’t work, reader Mark says this one is operable…for now:

• City Hall Office: 121 N. Lasalle St.
Room 300 Chicago, IL 60602

• City Hall Phone: 312-744-9491

Thank you- Michelle Malkin.

This Christian Soldier Writes-and States:

Munoz must be FIRED-period-w/ the rest of the elites who believe they are earthly 'royals' !!!


Z said...

HI, Carol. Saw this at Blogger and thought you'd like to know:

"Some users have reported missing posts on the main page of their blog. We are looking into this and hope to have a fix out shortly.

As a workaround, create a new blank post and save it as a draft. This should reset your cache and display the missing posts."

At least they're working on it. Good luck!! It's maddening, huh!? xxx

Z said...

by the way..SOME PUBLIC SERVANT there...FOX should broadcast this! GOOD FIND!

christian soldier said...

Z-thanks for the info-- :-)

Our public servants believe they are our masters...time for some drastic change...