Thursday, March 19, 2009

Miss You - SR-71-Blackbird...

One of my TWO VERY FAVORITE planes:
The P-38 - my uncle flew these for a time--
and the ---

SR-71 Blackbird...
I just read that the two were the inspiration of one man---
to let you know- several of my - now departed - friends - helped in the development of the Blackbird--I miss them too:


midnight rider said...

The Blackbird was just an awesome Plane CS and that was a very cool video.

I once read that because it had to withstand such heat, the skin of the plane was built to expand and contract. So much to the point that, when on the ground, it would leak fuel because of the severe contraction and always had to refuel very soon after takeoff.

64 minutes from L.A. to D.C. That's one helluva ride.

christian soldier said...

MR-you are correct - the 'skin' of the Blackbird had to have that quality...Glad you liked the vid

midnight rider said...

I sent you an email with the original article the quotes here were taken from.