Sunday, September 26, 2010

Army Officer's Book Destroyed By Dept. of Defense DoD

First the DoD came for the Bibles of our BEST:
I have a long memory of the DoD and DoS coming against the Christian Bible:notice the date of my post 2009!!!
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NOW the DoD -Pentagon "security" - has come after an Army officer's memoirs!! -for "security" --
RIGHT-the book was cleared by the 'higher ups' -but the higher --- higher ups!!- had a problem with his memoirs..


MK said...

"The Pentagon says Shaffer should have sought wider clearance for the memoir."

Sounds more like they wanted him to run around in circles chasing his tail for a few years until he's bankrupt and has no money left to publish the thing.

christian soldier said...

MK-Thant was one of my thoughts--stall-stall stall--
Something is "fishy" at the DoD-DoState-I knew the Sate Dept was corrupt-did not know how corrupt the DoD had become-I should have known - I guess..