Friday, September 24, 2010

We Don't Know This Country Anymore

This says it all-let's take back our great Nation-Our United States!! The song is marvelous!! The photos-well-you let me know what you think!!
Life - Liberty - Property (Pursuit of Happiness):
h/t Crusader Rabbit (New Zealand)

GOOOH-Get Out of Our House


William Stout said...

I saw this at Crusader Rabbit as well and I loved it. I really believe that November is going to be a very bad month for RINOs and Democrats.

KG said...

Thanks for the mention Carol. :-)

(we're not really a New Zealand's just that I happen to be living here right now--and not for much longer)

Fingers crossed, William. And if November turns into a rout, let's hope that translates into some real and lasting change. But I fear the Republican Party will take the win and settle back into the old ways, counting on activist fatigue to allow it to become business as usual in Washington.

christian soldier said...

WS-I do too-
Did you ever read my post about the first RINO-I wrote a short story in 1993-then I wrote-Rino-my friend had buttons made of the acronym-and took them to a R convention-needless to say - it took off :-) still have one of the original buttons !

you are so welcome!
thank you for the heads up on the NZ reference--didn't know that you were there on a temporary basis :-)

Z said...

This was at MK's?
Carol, it's just wonderful. I rarely listen to the whole songs or videos people post, I get a gist of it ...but this one captured me and I had to listen; it's not only got fabulous lyrics, it's just a plain GOOD SONG.
If this were a lib like the old Woody Guthrie type, it would be No 1 on Billboard.........whining and complaining about the lack of leftwing accomplishments' it is, who'll hear this?
It's marvelous, really a talented singer and writer, thanks.

christian soldier said...

Z-It is up to us in the blog world to post it on our sites and spread the word---
I am so glad you listened to the end---and-thank you for stopping by-my friend..

WomanHonorThyself said...

we need the patriotism badly girl! Hope your'e havin an awesome weekend my friend!:)

The_Kid said...

The pictures are a good sign of our times.

christian soldier said...

WHT-I am - how about you--Have you been preparing any of those great dishes that you posted?!

K-they certainly are--