Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nancy P-Puts Pressure on the Ds for $$$$

According to this article-Nancy has been informing the Ds that the Ds need $$$$.
This audio sounds a bit like extortion to me--Norton is a chair of a powerful committee..
The Ds are being exposed for what they are..
AWESOME audio!! and article..

Remember the photo of the Cadet at West Point with the Brad Thor book--waiting for the new President to speak?!! That novel is about a new President who doesn't know what he is doing!! It also has references to powerful female chairmen!! Nancy P and Babs B came to mind when I read it!!---I love my BEST-in the academies and on the field of battle!!! (-:
Notice the Brad Thor novel :I highly recommend it!!
I tried to link my former post w/the Cadet photo-it has been 'scrubbed'-anyone know who does the 'scrubbing'?

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The_Kid said...

That's beautiful.

christian soldier said...

I thought so too--I even thought it in Dec 2009--as to Nancy P -well-you know how I feel abut her type...

MK said...

They'll get more and more desperate as november approaches and more people turn off them.

I hope they get wiped out in november, after what those vermin have done to your country, they deserve far worse.

christian soldier said...

MK-I always appreciate your take - my friend who honors the US---Thank you!!