Thursday, September 30, 2010

Our Side is Fighting Back! Grayson Ad Counter Attacked by Artitst for the Right

Wasn't going to post today-could not resist this counter-attack against the-LYING Grayson ad-link here from commoncents-
As to the ARTIST reference-I regard all original work such as the video below-as art-because some creative mind had to have created it :-)
h/t M.Malkin-with links to the whys and wherefores :-)


William Stout said...

Loved it! While not technically truthful, it is probably somewhat accurate. ;-)

christian soldier said...

WS-I'm so happy that there are those os us in the US who are not being sooo NICE (-:

MK said...

Now that's an honest leftist, you don't often get them, but there ya go.

christian soldier said...