Sunday, September 12, 2010

Awesome WOMEN of the Reformation

I have noticed that - the history of women's achievements in any conflict-whether social, political, or religious- oft times is forgotten--
I found a link that exhibits the bold- intelligent-well educated-book writing - entrepreneurial - Awesome WOMEN OF THE REFORMATION (link)!
I did smile when I read of Katharine Luther--I knew that she was one of the first woman to own land in her own name-I did not know that she was also in the brewery business!

A few of examples from the link:
Katharine von Bora was a former nun who married Martin Luther. They were married for 21 years and had six children. Her quick tongue, humor, and stubbornness matched Martin’s—no small feat. She managed their home, which was frequently full of students, had a large garden and livestock, fished and farmed, and ran a brewery. She also managed their money and took care of their extended household. Martin called her “My Lord Katie.”
Jane Grey
wrote letters to the reformer Heinrich Bullinger at age 14. As queen, Jane fought off intense efforts to convert her to Rome when she was 16. She resisted those efforts with theological reasoning and biblical teaching against a professor of theology twice her age.
Olimpia Fulvia Morata was an Italian scholar born in Ferrera as the oldest child of a humanist scholar, who, after being forced to flee his city to northern Italy lectured on the teachings of Calvin and Luther. Olimpia flourished in her studies, especially in Latin and Greek, exhibiting impeccable scholarship. She wrote Latin dialogues, Greek poems, and letters to both scholars (in Latin) and less educated women (in Italian). In her “Dialogue between Theophilia and Philotima,” she encouraged those who feared that their gross sins obstructed their way to God:

Bravery has no sexual preference-so- let us all-women-men - teach our children True HISory-and act to stop such travesties as Bible usurpation and BIBLE BURNING (link) from our BEST -and PC acquiescence by our leaders!


WomanHonorThyself said...

how inspirational Carol! God bless:)

christian soldier said...

WHT-thank you - my Patriot friend-and God bless you as well- Hugs xo

William Stout said...

While not a woman of the Reformation, you may be interested in Queen Boudica who fought the Romans. She was something.

christian soldier said...

WS-I will look for her at google- after class-thanks for the heads up!