Sunday, September 26, 2010

Jesus Was A Lawyer-R Party-Run More Lawyers and Get More Citizens -Like Paul Ryan To Run for Office

Sunday FAITH post :-)
After reading the study that the D Party has more office holders who are lawyers-(lawyers learn to lie/and or - obfuscate the truth to win cases)...
and that the R Party has more business people -
It came to me after viewing the video below- that the R Party should enlist more LAWYER types so that they can recognize LIES and learn to answer a question w/ a question!

Jesus was trained by the scribes and other religious leaders...HE was trained to answer a question with a question -to debate-and-of course to recognize LIES...I believe his teachers were stalwart individuals.and-of course-
Have a great Sunday my Patriot friends! Enjoy the "debate" between a female liar (OK--truth obfuscater) and Paul Ryan. I don't know if Ryan is a lawyer or not - he debates like one!--Ryan gave no quarter! Good on him!!!

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The_Kid said...

Hmmm. I'm afraid I can't support more lawyers anywhere in politics or health care for starters.. :)

christian soldier said...

K-OK-I'm w/ you-how about people who know how to deal w/ liars-:-)

The_Kid said...

:), Yes, we need a party that's going to do a much better job turning the tide. The Repubs don't defend themselves, nor do they attack. You can't be wallflowers.

christian soldier said...

K-in other words- stop being so 'nicey nice' and stand our ground...

we do think rather alike-
I know-our birthdays are quite close-

The_Kid said...

I try not to acknowledge my birthdays anymore, but I can't seem to be able to with friends and my wife bringing it up. So how do you like being a Libra?

So, I guess what I'm talking about is not for the red team to stoop to insult and childishness, but to be very vocal and specific (Like they're talking to children since they are..) about what the Dems are doing and why it's going to be painful. Then as things occur, stay on it.

Talk about why so many successful people and business have left New York because of the taxes and why NY 'needs' to keep raising taxe - because there are fewer and fewer paying in. Versus why Texas is successful. Lower taxes = businesses move to your state, thrive, hire people - everyone paying taxes increases tax revenue - as a small example. But pound this stuff all day long cause they sure aren't getting it in school or university.
With the democrat media a total disconnect they need their own media. They need people in entertainment like Jon Stewart that really push Conservative.

Maybe they wouldn't survive, but I think as long as they were funny, they'd be fine. Need something.

I guess the blogs and internet help.

MK said...

Let them keep prattling on about their hope and change, the people are no longer listening. The only question now is will the republicans listen to the people or just put forward more of the same.