Friday, February 10, 2012

Artists Need 'Encouragers'-Brad Thor's Wife Is His..
Brad THOR is one of my favorite authors!! BTW---
Since I have two books -one --in the computer for 6 years---Subtitled -Why Are We Drugging Our Brightest and Best- about ADD and removing the arts from schools-
and the other -
Random Thoughts and Illustrations -All illustrations and side notes have been done for over two years...Next step-organizing it and getting it published-self published if necessary - and I am sure if I web search - I can find a publisher-
So-two hours a get them organized -
Brad Thor's wife is now my surrogate 'Encourager'
Both of my books are officially copy written -
_Wish I had copy written RINO- I'd be semi - wealthy by now ...(-:


Leticia said...

I have never heard of this gentlemen, thanks for the heads-up!

christian soldier said...

L you will enjoy reading his books-