Wednesday, February 1, 2012

USMA Pressured By CAIR to Ban Free Speech on Campus

Told Ya-
in 2002- the muslim cadets met in a small room-on the USMA (West Point) campus
now they have a rather large mosque on the campus of West Point..
quote from article:and my thanks to Crusader Rabbit for the heads up---
"The U.S. Military Academy pressured a retired U.S. lieutenant general to withdraw from speaking at a West Point prayer breakfast after Muslims and atheists complained, Fox News & Commentary has learned."
The two links below are from my site-I know West Point Very Well!

__LION'S ROAR (the Lion of Judah-Jesus Christ)--Hidden Message from Christian Gen Patreaus?__


sue hanes said...


Z said...

also testing

Kid said...

I still say we shouldn't let this vermin into our country.

Their culture is diametrically opposed to human rights laws firmly on the books in the USA.

If and when, it will be a citizen issue to deal with.

christian soldier said...

SH-thank you and - having visited your sites-and enjoying them- I'll will visit them again!

Z- thanks Z...Hugs..

K-I've been worried for a long time -

MK said...

Muslims and atheists? wow!

I wonder who the atheists think the muslims will turn on once they're all finished with the Christians. Don't tell them, let em find out the hard way.

christian soldier said...

MK- like your take ; - )

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