Thursday, February 9, 2012

Holland Bill-Gulf of AMERICA-- LA-NoFrisbees or digging holes on beaches-?

Since I am not feeling well-will just link to two -one is Patriotic-the other is typical Liberal LA _CA nonsense..
Have a great day my friends..


Kid said...

California is going to have to start fining people for breathing if they want to stay (or get actually) solvent.

christian soldier said...

K-fining for breathing-think CA is already doing that in a round about way-
Maybe it is time for me to move!

Kid said...

Whatever is best for You. But of course Mademoiselle !

I did hear that record numbers of people have let California last year.

MK said...

Not sure about the Gulf of America thing. Are the mexicans opposed to it, depending on their past behavior, perhaps there is some merit in the idea.

As for the balls and frisbees law, see what happens when too many liberals are around. You get endless laws upon laws banning, regulating and fining for the most trivial things. Oddly though, real crimes like murder, rape etc are looked upon more leniently.